Three weeks

There is just under three weeks until the date I am supposed to be handing my portfolio in in order to attain my appraisal objective of handing it in to CILIP  by 5th June this year. I am continuing the sorting process, trying to categorise potential evidence and think about which pieces of evidence I am actually going to use for my portfolio.

On Thursday I went to the ‘Chatership and Beyond’ event at CILIP in London, organised by the Career Development Group for London and the South East. I’d been on it before, but lost the certificate, which I need for my portfolio, so I went on it again! It was quite helpful and clarified a few things I wasn’t sure about, like how to bind my portfolio (comb binding is preferred) and various other more ‘practical’ things. It was useful to be able to look at examples of successful chartership portfolios. I was surprised at how varied they were – some are very fat with lots of pieces of  evidence whereas some where quite thin and more concise in their organisation.

I’ve booked the week after next off work, in order to be able to devote all my normal working hours to getting my chartership portfolio finished. I just don’t think I will be able to hand it in on time if I don’t. Even so, I’m not convinced it will be in by 5th June, as I will ideally need to meet with my mentor and ask her to read through my portfolio it at some point. I don’t know if it will be possible to do this and make any changes she might recommend within the time available. It dawned on me on Thursday that I have never even met my mentor! Surely this is not good.

I really want to hand it in on time, not because of my appraisal objective, which is now irrelevant, but just because I want to do something right. If I pass that would be even better, obviously, but I am not very hopeful about that, given the lack of evaluation and reflection I have done so far in my career. It’s worth a try, though.


2 thoughts on “Three weeks

  1. Katharine Widdows says:

    I hope it’s coming together now, I got so stressed at this stage – and I never had enough time to get my mentor to look through the final thing.

    Do you think you are on target?

    Good luck!

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