Portfolio building

I’ve spent the last week off work, trying to get my portfolio together. It’s been good to have the peace and quiet and time to sort everything out. I’ve written my evaluative statement and am waiting for my mentor to have a look at it. Unfortunately, she was on leave this past week. I’m really hoping it’s OK because I’ve started formatting and printing off the things I’ve chosen to go into my portfolio as evidence. I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off as well, which will hopefully give me enough time to make any changes required. If not, it’s just going to have to be handed in late (according to the conditions agreed when my appraisal objective was agreed, not according to CILIP). I have asked a colleague and one of the Candidate Support Officers for my region to have a look at it and they both think it is OK, so hopefully my mentor will agree.

I was feeling quite positive about it until Friday afternoon when I started printing off evidence and looking at it more closely and suddenly none of it seemed much good. So whether my statement is any good or not might be irrelevant if my evidence is not up to scratch. I suppose once it’s sent off there’s nothing I can do about it and if I have to do it again I’ll just have to do it again…although obviously I would rather not have to do this!

I have actually enjoyed working on my portfolio, partially because of the peace and quiet in the place where I’m working (another library) but also because I feel like I’ve achieved things, even though I haven’t finished yet. I don’t think I want to go back to work.


One thought on “Portfolio building

  1. Jo Alcock says:

    I’m sure your evidence will be fine really, it’s always the case that just when you are getting to the stage of almost finishing something you suddenly have a crisis and convince yourself it’s rubbish! (I’m having the same today with a paper I am hoping to finish tonight).

    Best of luck with finishing it on time. đŸ™‚

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