Library Day in the Life – Day 1

I decided to join in the Library Day in the Life project on the spur of the moment – i.e. five minutes ago and, due to the fact that it’s quite late at night (for me), this post, and probably the other posts I write this week, will be brief and to the point. Today I:

  • Printed off the rota and stuck it together and stuck it on the wall.
  • Sorted out the photocopier, which had been misbehaving.
  • Talked to a colleague who had just come back from a month’s leave about her hours and the developments that occured while she was away. Realised we both thought she was doing different hours and consequently the rota has to change again!
  • Made sure said colleague could go on her health and safety induction for helping move books around in the new building.
  • Phoned and emailed pool staff to try and fill in the gaps on next week’s rota.
  • Went on the desk. Dealt with students returning lots of books.
  • Tried to help a student who had the incorrect course end date on her record.
  • Returned some more books.
  • Had email from colleague in another of the university’s libraries saying we will have to change the lunch time closing time as otherwise the courier will not be able to get into the library (if he gets there when it’s closed).
  • Asked one of the library managers if we can change the closing time. She said yes. Emailed colleague back.
  • Helped a student who wanted to access online journal articles via CINAHL. She was able to access them in the end, so that was good.
  • Did another stint on the desk. Not many students this time, apart from people looking for computer labs.
  • Phoned pool staff to tell them about revised closing times.
  • Did the till reconciliation.
  • Waited for pool person to come in.
  • Went home.

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