Library Day in the Life – Day 3

Today I:

  • Helped colleague with a spreadsheet.
  • Altered the rota after replies from pool staff.
  • Had an email from my line manager about the whereabouts of the radios we used to have in the old library. Looked for radios, which were nowhere to be seen and asked colleague what she did with them when we packed everything up. She said she gave them back to Security…
  • Printed off paperwork about a claimed returned item and emailed colleagues about the item.
  • Had email from line manager about a copyright course I’ve asked to go on. She said it’s OK for me to go, but my colleague who is starting a new role dealing with inter-library loans should get priority, which is fair enough. At line manager’s instruction I asked colleague to fill out a staff development form and emailed her the link to the course details.
  • Responded to an email from another colleague about who should sign her annual leave form.
  • Processed a SCONUL Access application.
  • Dealt with fine paid by cheque sent by post. Sent letter with receipt.
  • Phoned the Systems team as the colleague who was locked out of Aleph yesterday is still locked out. Aggh!
  • Had break.
  • Went on the issue desk. Returned some books and dealt with a SCONUL Access user from another university.
  • Made Aleph record and card for said SCONUL Access  user and put card in the post.
  • Had lunch.
  • Went on issue desk. Dealt with applications to join various librarycooperation schemes and some fines payments
  • Had a visit from one of the security staff asking about the radios. Told him I hadn’t seen them since we left the old library. He went to have a look in the Security office and…the radios had been in there all the time! Emailed line manager to let her know.
  • Talked to a member of staff who was disputing a fine .
  • Listened to and tried to pacify some unhappy members of library staff.
  • Processed another SCONUL Access card application.
  • Added some more IDs to the overdues spreadsheet (see days 1 & 2)
  • Spoke to colleague about what information to give people about inter-library loans.
  • Went home.

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