Library Day in the Life – Day 5

Today I:

  • Opened the library
  • Went on the issue desk. Returned some books. Helped colleague (who was in to borrow some books and do some photocopying, not to work) with photocopier as it was playing up yet again!
  • Issued some books, dealt with fines payments
  • Discussed this afternoon’s and next week’s rota for work at the new library
  • Emailed my line manager and other colleagues with notes about the training for the new and exisiting Senior Library Assistants
  • Had coffee
  • Went on desk again while colleague had break. Returned books and tried to answer a query about Wiley InterScience. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to answer her question, but I contacted another colleague on her behalf, who was.
  • Helped colleague with the laminator
  • Added some more IDs to the overdues spreadsheet. I’m now on approximately number 750 of 1000+ items

I can’t really remember what I did after that. It might have been lunch time. I don’t think I had a very productive afternoon. I know I spoke to and emailed various members of the Library Management Team to try and get a clear answer about who was going to send out the rota for work in the new building next week. I also spent some time trying to sort out the issue desk log in for Aleph as the log in the Systems librarian said we should have been using didn’t work.  I couldn’t really bring myself to do any more of the spreadsheet. I did the till reconciliation with a colleague and then it was nearly time to go home. At two minutes to closing time, a student came in wanting to do some photocopying! At one minute to closing time she said she only had two more sheets to do but this took her longer than we expected it to. Aggh. We left the library in the end (having let the student out, don’t worry) and I asked the Security man to lock the library and went home.

The end.

I’m sorry my week of Library Days in the Life has been so unexciting and uninspiring. I’ll try and make it more exciting if I ever participate again.


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