Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

There are a lot of people doing the 23 Things for CPD, so to avoid getting overwhelmed and spending my entire evening reading other people’s blogs I decided just to visit the people who’ve already been kind enough to  comment on my blogs regarding 23 Things.

So, I visited The Tidy Librarian (who I also know in real life) sarahgb, (who I ‘recognised’ from Twitter) Sophie Durcan,  Annie and antje31. I also follow other library blogs on a regular basis, on iGoogle. I should probably make a blogroll of library blogs for this blog, as well as for my other blog, and make the list on the blogrolls and iGoogle the same, before it all gets too confusing!

I enjoy reading other library-related blogs, although I sometimes get  the feeling that I’m way behind my peers in many aspects of professional life – another reason why I want to try and complete the 23 Things. It is of course good to know what’s going on out there in libraryland and I find that reading blogs (and Twitter, when I manage it) helps me to keep up a bit and feel a bit more part of the library community, such as it is.


2 thoughts on “Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

  1. sarahgb says:

    I find it overwhelming sometimes the amount of new stuff that’s out there available to us to explore. That’s what I love about cpd23 things, the opportunity to explore them and then permission to ignore them too 🙂

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