Thing 5: Reflective practice: Some rambling thoughts

I  must admit I’m not very good at reflecting on what I do in a professional context, except in a self-critical way. I suppose that’s better than nothing, but I don’t very often do any kind of formalised reflection on what  I do at work. If I’ve been on a course or other training or unusual activity I might write about it for the library newsletter, which is actually quite a useful way of reflecting and also of thinking about how to communicate what you’ve learned to other people. In the past I’ve also had to train other members of staff, which, again, helps you to think about what you on a day to day basis.

The last time I really sat down and reflected on what I do in a more formalised way was when I did my chartership, which was a couple of years ago now. I find that writing a blog helps me to reflect on what I do at work, even though most of what I write (at least on my other blog) is from a personal rather than professional point of view, although the two do overlap.

It’s easy not to see the point of reflection when you’re just ploughing on and trying to get work done. I found that was especially the case in my old job, but now I have more time to think and more space in my head for those thoughts – hence I’m attempting to do the 23 Things now – I don’t think I could have done them before. Taking part in 23 Things has helped me to reflect more on what I do – even though I’m only on Thing 5 I’ve already had to think about my ‘brand’ and some of the tools I use.

Apart from doing 23 Things, I suspect my reflective practice will continue to be of an informal nature – at least until I have to revalidate my chartership…I may try and write more on this blog as well, but I’d better not promise anything!


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