Thing 14: Referencing tools

I’ve only played a bit with online reference tools before – just saving a few references – but I know they’re very clever things. I thought that, rather than starting with one of the tools suggested for this Thing, I’d try and get to know RefWorks a bit better, as this is a tool we have in our e-Library (RefWorks 2.0), so it’s more likely that our students would use this than anything else (?).  The only thing I’d done with RefWorks before was to save some references, and I’d actually forgotten I’d done this, so it was a surprise when I logged in and found I had some references in there already!

I’m afraid I cheated, and decided to use the help sheet written by one of our FLLs to help me, as I didn’t find RefWorks particularly intuitive to use (but then again it was evening and I wasn’t very awake). I can see that it is a very useful tool for students and academics. I only wish it (or similar) had existed when I was a student!

Although I no longer do any academic writing as such, I do occasionally write articles for things like a heart patients’ association newsletter. Also, I still like to study things, even if I’m not writing essays about them, so I can use RefWorks to save references of journal articles I like the look of. In terms of my actual job (which is of course what I should be thinking about most), knowing something about RefWorks will hopefully help me to help any students or other library users if they ask me questions about it.


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