Thing 17: Prezi

I’ve never used either of these tools before, so I thought I’d better try at least one before writing about it, otherwise I wouldn’t have much to say! I gave Prezi a go, and it was an interesting experience! It was quite different to what I’d expected, which I think was just more of an online PowerPoint type thing, but it’s not that at all, really (although I suppose it can be, depending on what you create).

I’m afraid I probably didn’t spend enough time looking at the instructions, which perhaps didn’t help, but it was fairly intuitive, although I did have a bit of a problem when I tried to edit my prezi again after going into the ‘Show’ view. I think I’ve worked it out now, though.

I really liked the creativity Prezi allows. Although PowerPoint is a lot better than it used to be in this regard, it’s still very much a slideshow-type effort, whereas Prezi allows for a completely different type of navigation between words and images, or whatever you want to put in your presentation. It’s very wizzy, although I did find the way things zoom up onto the screen to be a bit vertigo-inducing at first!

I can see that Prezi would be really useful for anyone who gives presentations on a regular basis, particularly if you want to do something a bit different – to keep students a bit more engaged, for example. Although I don’t think I will use it in my current job (although one never knows) it’s a good tool to add to the tool-kit of things to have handy for potential future jobs.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the presentation in my WordPress blog. This is an issue with WordPress, rather than with Prezi, as WordPress doesn’t allow embedding of anything Flash-based. It’s rather annoying. If you really want to see my test presentation (which is very short and not very exciting) you can do so on the Prezi site.


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