Thing 23: Reflection and six word story


I’ve found the 23 Things programme useful, both in terms of learning new skills, but also (perhaps more so) in terms of thinking about my strengths and weaknesses, and about where I am now in my career, where I might want to go in the future, etc. Although I can often be quite negative about myself and my career prospects, I think doing more reflection through the 23 Things course has helped me to be realistic about my career and realise that I do have skills that are valuable, but I need to make sure I’m doing a job that uses my skills and strengths, and not try to be something I’m not. I perhaps have more of an idea of what I’m bad at than what I’m good at, but at least this means I know what I don’t  want to do!

Through the 23 Things course, and through looking into applying for a couple of jobs I’ve seen recently, I’ve realised there are quite a few things I could do with brushing up on, or just learning about from scratch. I’ve already spoken to my line manager about attending a course to deal with one of those things, and yesterday I found out about planned changes to my job, which will mean that I need to learn some new things, but will also be good for my own development (I hope).

Doing the 23 Things course has given me more confidence in using some tools I wasn’t at all familiar with before, and also reassured me that I do have something to offer. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, in terms of career path (or lack of) and in terms of thinking negatively about oneself, but doing something positive and practical, like the 23 Things, can help you look outside of your little box for a bit (at least) and find out more about what’s going on ‘out there’. I think doing the next  part of Thing 23, the SWOT analysis and PDP, will also be a good way of helping myself to think more positively about my strengths and weaknesses, particularly as they are fairly structured methods of reflection, which I find helpful. It might take me a while to get these done, but I’ll try and update this blog on a fairly regular basis from now on, and keep more of a record of what I’ve been up to in a professional context.

Six word story

Reading, writing and reflection. All good.


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