A short update

Well, we had our feedback about the communications group’s social media strategy. I suppose it could have been worse, but it wasn’t resoundingly positive. We have to explain more about why we think we need to use social media (as opposed to other forms of communication, I think), and also more about the practicalities of using the tools, such as how long it would take to set things up and administer them. This latter is particularly annoying, as we deliberately didn’t put things about practicalities into the strategy as they didn’t seem ‘strategic’ enough. Oh, well. The good news is that we’re allowed to start trialling the use of Twitter at the beginning of the next academic year.

In case I haven’t already recorded this (which I may well have done), the managers’ feedback regarding our proposals for the use of space in the library was also rather mixed. They liked some of our ideas for the creation of more silent study space, although we’re not allowed to do any interior decoration (e.g. to differentiate zones using colour), but wanted more detail about exactly where furniture would be moved to and from, and disagreed with a few other suggestions we’d made. However, regarding the ‘creative zone’, they said they didn’t think the area we’d chosen for this was suitable, so we will have to start working on this again scratch (well, almost), which is rather annoying.

Cataloguing-wise, the first batch of donated theology books has arrived. There are nine crates, which is plenty for me to be getting on with. Also, lots of freshly-ordered music CDs and DVDs are waiting to be catalogued, so I have quite enough to do at the moment. This is a good thing.


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