Too many books?

Book pile I like books, but sometimes I think you probably can have too many of them in one place. Like in our office at the moment, for example. We have books from the theology library stacked on the top of the cupboards waiting to be catalogued. We have books in boxes, just arrived from the suppliers. We have  fresh books on the shelves, waiting to be invoiced and added to stock. We have old, manky books that need to be thrown out, waiting for liaison librarians to assess them. We also have exciting non-book items, such as CDs, packs of learning materials and puppets, waiting to be catalogued and processed, as well as an inordinate number of children’s books containing crocodiles and wolves, for some reason. (There is also a book that includes a wolf finger puppet, which is quite cool.) When we’ve finished with all these books, more will arrive to take their places.

I’m feeling a bit better about it this week, but last week I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of cataloguing there is (and will be) to do. This year, it’s not the ordered books that have been a problem in terms of their number – we’ve been able to keep on top of them so far. It’s more the number of donated books, which really haven’t come at a good time as this is the time of year when most of the ordered books come in! However, we got the most recent batch all processed while the library management system was offline for an upgrade last week, so that was good, as this takes longer than the cataloguing in some cases. So, now I’m ploughing through them and trying not to think too much about how many more there are to arrive!

It’s good to be busy.


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