New year

This is just a short update I thought I ought to write as I haven’t written anything here for so long. This is mainly because not very much has happened, work-wise – not for me, anyway. We (the bibliographic services team) have processed and catalogued two quite large donations of books – one from another campus and one from the archaeology department.

The books from the archaeology department made up quite a fascinating collection. They had been left  to the department by an academic whose interests were quite broad, but could be seen to follow related themes. One of my colleagues said the subjects of the books were like a tree with lots of branches. The books made for more interesting cataloguing than expected, which was welcome, although some of them were rather disturbing – there were quite a few books about death, illness, the occult and mummification!

Now we’re back into term-time, and the busiest term of the year in terms of student-facing work, as all the new students have arrived and returning students have returned for another year. We’ve implemented a new resource discovery system (Primo) this year, so that’s presented a fresh set of challenges in terms of user education (and learning a new system ourselves), but happily most people have found it much easier to use than our old system.

So, we’re back to roving as well, which is quite fun at this time of year. It’s nice to feel useful, especially as things are quiet in terms of cataloguing work at the moment. I’m mainly working on the authority files which, although it’s quite important, isn’t the most exciting job in the world!


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