Isabel and Katharine (Myers-Briggs)


I’ve done the ‘Myers-Briggs test’ (AKA the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) three times this year (2017). The first time I came out as INFJ-Turbulent (I wrote about this on my other blog).


Turbulence (Broadstairs)

The next time, we did the test as part of a team development afternoon, and I came out as ISTJ, which was…odd…as I’ve never been ‘S’ (Sensing or Observant, depending on who you ask) before.


Sensing (or Observant) (Anna, 6.5 months)

My colleagues and I weren’t totally convinced, so I took the test again at home and came out as INTJ, which was more likely, but still different to the first test!


Thinking, Judging (also Sensing and Observing) (Willow, our old neighbours’ cat, 2012)

I wonder if the ‘S’ happened because the test I took that time was another version from the other two (actual Myers-Briggs rather than 16 Personalities). Anyhow, perhaps all this just goes to show that you can’t really put people in boxes – although the MBTI is not about doing this; it is more an indicator of tendencies or preferences rather than trying to say that a person is X or Y type and always behaves in such and such ways.

I found the development afternoon interesting, and useful in some ways, although I found it quite difficult to deal with the fact that I didn’t really agree with my test results. I felt like I had done the test wrong, which I realise is irrational, as there is no right or wrong with MBTI. I am a bit odd in that I do tend to categorise things/people and put them in boxes (not always literally), which I know is wrong, but it’s just the way my mind works! I think everyone does this to a certain extent; we just like to think we don’t!



One thought on “Isabel and Katharine (Myers-Briggs)

  1. theOwl30 says:

    Always good to hear about another book on Personality Types.
    The 16 Types are fascinating. My favorite book on them is “Life Types” by Hirsch & Kummerow. has it. Very informative and explained simply. Lots of good details.

    The frustration for me has always been when 2 or 3 Types seem like they are 85% true, but there’s always 1 or 2 things that are waaayy off.

    There’s more: These 1-word descriptions of each type that we often see. I think these are doing more damage than good. People look at them and OOOOOH, we get to be a “Visionary” if we’re an ENTP. Or most CEO’s are ENTJ’s and we wanna be that cuz it’s so cool to be in charge and project commanding leadership. Or maybe you want recognition for how caring you are so it’d be cool to be an ISFJ. All this is bad. We shouldn’t know, ahead of time. It skews the results and finding your accurate type. Same with picking the same type as anyone famous. My opinion. (but I am always right about these things. haha Just kidding….).

    On youtube, type in Living My Purpose and (4-letter type). This guy Mike Adams (not me) gives good info.

    One more thing, IMO, “functions” in Myers-Briigs personality types, are seriously over-emphasized. I know I am very much in the minority here, but who even talks about the 4-letters anymore?!? It’s all bogged-down and overly-involved with Introverted Intuition, Extroverted Sensing, etc…sooo much so, that it nearly might as well be a whole new system. Again, the Book Life Types seems pretty solid and informative to me. –theOwl30

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