Thing 19: Catch up on integrating ‘things’

A look at how I’ve been integrating the ‘things’ I’ve learned about into my professional life…or not. Thing 18 will follow at some point!


I’m continuing to blog here (obviously), mainly about the 23 Things, and over at my other blog, mainly not about work. I still haven’t been all that good at reading other library-related blogs, apart from the ones I follow using iGoogle.

Current awareness (Twitter, RSS feeds, Pushnote)

I still use Twitter, but mainly just for tweeting my own blog posts. I’m still not very good at tweeting on a regular basis, and, as we’re still not allowed to use Twitter for official work purposes, I don’t use it for official work-related things. I’m still finding it useful for current awareness, and I’ll try and get better at contributing my own tweets.

As mentioned above, I’m still following various library/information blogs using RSS feeds through iGoogle.


Evernote is still proving to be a really useful tool, although I mainly use it for non-work purposes. I’ve found it helpful for writing draft blog posts, or just noting down ideas for posts, and for keeping people’s contact details and bookmarking websites, among other things.

Referencing tools

I haven’t needed to use RefWorks since I did the ‘thing’ about it! I’m sure its time will come, though.


Thing 9: Evernote

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I quite like Evernote. I signed up ages ago, and then didn’t use it because I started using Delicious instead, and now I also use Pinterest, so Evernote fell out of favour. However, from my point of view, the main advantage Evernote has over these other two ¬†bookmarking services is that it’s available as a mobile app so I can sync it with my phone and therefore use it when I’m not sitting at a computer, which (obviously) makes it much handier for noting down things I have to remember, things I like the look of, books I might want to read, etc.

I’ve managed to install Evernote on my computer at work (which is surprising, as usually we can’t download/install anything!) and on my computer at home, and on my mobile phone. I think the fact I can now use Evernote on my phone will mean that I use it more than I would have done otherwise, but we will see how it goes. I’ve found it very easy to use so far and I particularly like the fact that you can just drag and drop files, photos, etc., into it. I think it will also be useful for looking at work files (i.e. the rota) without having to either email it to myself or try and access the VPN, which seems to not be working on my computer at the moment, having worked perfectly well before!