Thing 19: Catch up on integrating ‘things’

A look at how I’ve been integrating the ‘things’ I’ve learned about into my professional life…or not. Thing 18 will follow at some point!


I’m continuing to blog here (obviously), mainly about the 23 Things, and over at my other blog, mainly not about work. I still haven’t been all that good at reading other library-related blogs, apart from the ones I follow using iGoogle.

Current awareness (Twitter, RSS feeds, Pushnote)

I still use Twitter, but mainly just for tweeting my own blog posts. I’m still not very good at tweeting on a regular basis, and, as we’re still not allowed to use Twitter for official work purposes, I don’t use it for official work-related things. I’m still finding it useful for current awareness, and I’ll try and get better at contributing my own tweets.

As mentioned above, I’m still following various library/information blogs using RSS feeds through iGoogle.


Evernote is still proving to be a really useful tool, although I mainly use it for non-work purposes. I’ve found it helpful for writing draft blog posts, or just noting down ideas for posts, and for keeping people’s contact details and bookmarking websites, among other things.

Referencing tools

I haven’t needed to use RefWorks since I did the ‘thing’ about it! I’m sure its time will come, though.


Thing 4: Current awareness – Twitter, RSS and Pushnote

I’m not really very good at current awareness in general, but I have found Twitter very useful in this respect. I think I’ve found out more about what’s going on in the library world via Twitter than anything else. I’ve even found Twitter useful for finding out what’s going on in other departments within my own library in the past, which probably tells you all you need to know about communication in my curent workplace!

I first joined Twitter when I was doing my chartership, but I didn’t follow many people and wasn’t entirely sure what the point of it was. I didn’t use it much at all for a while after that, but then got back into it, started following more people and found a whole load of enthusiastic library-types whose tweets give me  a peek into the libray world outside my own small shiny learning centre-shaped bubble. It’s via Twitter that I learned about the 23 Things for CPD, Library Day in the Life and various other helpful and/or interesting things.

I probably still don’t use Twitter to its full potential. I don’t Tweet much, apart from advertising my blog posts (shameless self-promotion, but never mind), mainly because I still don’t feel I have anything much to say. I’m not really involved in anything library-related outside of my day-to-day work, and although I take an interest in such things I don’t have a lot to say about them. Words are not my strong suit, generally.

Un-library-related, I’ve found Twitter really useful for keeping track of trains (‘scuse the pun) by following @NRE_Southeastrn and having the tweets sent to my mobile, especially during the snow.

I read a lot of RSS feeds, mainly blogs, via iGoogle. I read some blogs not related to libraries, and a few library blogs, including those listed in my blogroll. I’ve just added the feed of all the 23 Things participants’  blogs. (Thanks Annie). I also get RSS feeds from job sites like  LISJobnet.

I’ve  never used Pushnote, and I don’t really want to sign up to it as I don’t think it’s something I would use. I know that’s a bit unadventurous of me, but I think I’m signed up to enough things already!