The Publishing Trap!

As part of the Open Access Week 2017, the Drill Hall Library hosted an event for researchers, based around playing the new game created by Chris Morrison and Jane Secker: The Publishing Trap. This game is designed to help inform researchers about the publishing process - each player or team takes the role of an … Continue reading The Publishing Trap!

Medway Researchers Room opens

Last Friday I attended the opening of the Medway Researchers Room at the Drill Hall Library. This is a dedicated room on the first floor of the library (I didn't realise how much space is actually up here). There is space for relaxation, group work or individual study, as well as a screen to practice … Continue reading Medway Researchers Room opens

CPD25: Researchers and repositories

On Wednesday (11th May) I attended two events hosted by CPD25: Engaging and Supporting Researchers and Open Access and Repositories. Engaging and Supporting Researchers Although both the talks at this event were very interesting and informative, they weren't quite what I was expecting - which was how to engage and support researchers from a library … Continue reading CPD25: Researchers and repositories