A little note…

…to say that all the theology books are now catalogued, processed, spine-labelled and on the shelves; thanks mainly to all my lovely unofficial assistants who did lots of the processing and spine labelling and some of the cataloguing. 🙂



Yes, it’s that time of year again, when our office starts to take on the appearance of a warehouse full of boxes and library folk think about using the boxes to build ourselves little forts around our desks. This year, not only do we have all the boxes full of freshly-ordered books coming in, but we also have many crates of theology books from two different places. We have about 2,000 books coming from a store in the cathedral and about 1,500 books coming from another institution. I have no idea where we’re going to put them all…but that won’t be a problem for a while, because they all have to properly processed and catalogued before they can go on the shelves. Some of them have been processed, but for the old library, so they need new library stamps and spine labels. A lot of them need their catalogue records improving and they all need details changing in the item record. The ones from the other institution will need everything doing from scratch. Of course, the ordered items take priority, so the crates of books will be in the office for some time yet. At least I find theology vaguely interesting!