FRBR for the Terrified

On Monday, some colleagues and I attended the FRBR  for the Terrified workshop at the University of Kent, Canterbury. It was facilitated by Robin Armstrong Viner, Head of Collection Management at the University of Kent. Although I've been reading a fair bit about RDA (Resources Description and Access) (which is based on FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic … Continue reading FRBR for the Terrified

A-roving we will go

Last week, the some of the library staff in the Shiny Not-so-new Learning Centre had some training in roving - Roving for Service Excellence, no less. The training was delivered by Jigsaw@work®. We've actually been carrying out 'roving, or roaming, or floorwalking, or whatever you like to call it, for a number of years now, … Continue reading A-roving we will go

Creating a customer focused environment in the academic sector

I went on a CILIP training course last week, the title of which is above. The main objectives of the course were as follows: To understand what outstanding customer service is and why it is important To understand and predict customer needs To create a plan to involve customers To learn how to communicate effectively … Continue reading Creating a customer focused environment in the academic sector